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ochecova 12.09.2022

Credits for students

Attendance of the P.E. lessons is compulsory for all students.

Foreign students have the same rights and duties as the Czech students.

     Each student should register himself at the lecturing teacher and his
attendance is registered  too.

     Obtaining the credit at the end of each term depends on the attendance of the lessons. If you have problems with your attendance during term, you can substitude during the credit week (the last week end of each term). Lecturing teacher puts down the credit into your credit book.

     Longer absence caused by health problems is to be proved by medical report after the doctor´s examination.

     Students with health impairments are required to prove their incapability by medical receipt . They have to contact  Eliška Ochetzová  by the mail : eliska.ochecova@lf1.cuni.cz

All students have to be insured for P.T. lessons!!

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