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ochecova 11.10.2023

History and the present

     The Institute of Physical Education has been part of the First Medical Faculty for more than 50 years. By this time many professional lecturers and sports teachers have worked here. Most of the students who studied at our faculty still remember them very well.
     The aproach to P. E. has changed during last century. In comparison with the former students the interest in pursuing a sport activities has decreased dramatically. According to several researches sport activities should be included in everyday life as a part of a healthy lifestyle. However, nowadays most students are reluctant to such activities and they rather choose comfort that today┬┤s world offers.

    The goal of our Institute is to persuade and teach the future doctors and medical workers that sport is sometimes more effective than medicine. Well-prescribed activity can prevent or even heal some illnesses. We always try to teach according to the new trends in sport activities as Pilates, Power yoga, Functional training, Beach volleyball etc. Students themselves have the possibility to realise the healthy effects the sport has.


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