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otrnk 17.05.2021

Challenge #5 - Socks challenge


Our challenge is focused on dexterity of hands and feet.

You need 3 pairs of socks and your patience to accomplish this challenge. Only 3 pairs of socks and patience will be enough to fulfil it.

TAKING OFF THE SOCKS - to take off the socks use only your feet, which must be in the air all the time. There are 3 levels of difficulty, if you manage to do other non-traditional position in which you can take off your socks, then we will be happy if you share them on #odemknipohybemlockdown

JUGGLING - CASCADE - to handle this task successfully you can consider 18 throws of all packs of socks in the cascade. It is easier to use balls to practice juggling. You can juggle anything, don't limit yourself to socks.

Submit the results of your efforts via FORMS
The form is available only to 1.LF students by logging in to the faculty account,
ID number@cuni.cz and then authorization via CAS.

Good luck!
Your teachers


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