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otrnk 10.05.2021

Challenge #4 - Game challenges


Game challenges

1. Throw and catch (Can you do it back and forth?)

2. Keep the inflatable ball in the air (The ball may be kept in the air without the help of hands and must not touch anything - the ground, the ceiling, the furniture… Are you able to last a minute?)

3.Pinking with a mug (Do you pink at least 10 times?)

4. Spin the ball on your finger (Will you spin it?)

5. Get the ball from the ground to the head without the help of your hands (Are you able to do it?)

Submit the results of your efforts via FORMS
The form is available only to 1.LF students by logging in to the faculty account,
ID number@cuni.cz and then authorization via CAS.

Good luck!
Your teachers


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