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otrnk 19.04.2021

Challenge #1 - Altitude meters

Challenge No. 1 - how to do it?

Measure the climbed meters all week.

You can measure using any application on your mobile phone, watch, tachometer or bracelet.
If you do not have any of this, enter the route at www.mapy.cz - the application will calculate your altitude profile.

Walking, running or cycling, or climbing, counts. You can combine activities and add altitude meters. Try to climb as many meters as possible.

Altitude targets for inspiration

1. Petřín lookout tower (tower height) 65 m AT LEAST SOMETHING
2. Říp (altitude) 461 m GOOD
3. Milešovka 837 m GREAT
4. Sněžka 1603 m TOP

Try to conquer one of the above peaks!

Submit the results of your efforts via FORMS
The form is available only to 1.LF students by logging in to the faculty account,
ID number@cuni.cz and then authorization via CAS.

Good luck!
Your teachers

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